What’s wrong with you Apple music?

I was using Apple Music almost every day in 2017 and was paying the monthly subscription. However since end of 2017 (since November) I noticed the app is very slow and just not worth using it anymore. Here is why.
What’s wrong with you Apple music?
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1. Not synchronising with my MacBook Pro anymore

I am a “full Apple” user (MacBook, Apple Watch, iPhone, Apple TV) and therefore I expect all these devices to communicate to each other. Well, not really, or not when it comes to Apple Music. I have been downloading some songs onto my MacBook Pro and when I opened the music app on iPhone, the songs weren’t there (and, yes, I waited and refreshed few times). I had to download them separately on my iPhone although I did set up all my Apple devices so they communicate to each other.

That is kind of annoying and it’s not the devices, but the Apple Music has a software problem!

2. Music not being downloaded

Even when trying to download the songs I wanted onto my iPhone, the “download” icon (image with the arrow) appeared next to the song I wanted and when tapping on it, it was either not doing anything (no sign of downloading) OR it just showed me an error message saying “Download error”.

Since I have cancelled my Apple Music subscription, I cannot perform a download action on my iPhone anymore therefore I can only show you some screenshots from the Podcasts app I listen to so you get an idea of what it should have happened, but it wasn’t happening with Apple Music.

Items ready to be downloaded

Items downloading

None of the above were happening in my Apple Music when trying to download music from the app.

3. Podcasts are in a separate app from Music

I will never understand why the Podcasts are in a separate app from Apple Music. Why is that? Because separate Apple teams are working on them? Or maybe because that way you use 2 Apple products OR maybe because one is free on the iPhone and the other you need to pay for.

Anyhow, it makes it fiddly to move from one to another on your iPhone when essentially they are both audio services and can be listened to offline as well — so they’re not like WhatsApp vs SMS where you need Internet connection for the first and just a SIM card for the other.

Music and podcasts are “accessories” if you start to think about this pragmatically. Like the earrings and necklaces are for people. Or, better yet, they are features. Features who should be in the same category and place like the earrings and necklaces are — they are jewelries. It might not be the best analogy I could have found but still, it stands to prove my point.

4. Not much personalisation for the user

They initially made the Apple Music for the iPod. But today the iPod is useless (if you ask me) when you have everything on your mobile phone and you don’t have to carry two separate devices if you want to listen to music. That said, the Apple Music on the mobile phone is meant to know your preferences and based on what you usually listen to, its supposed to recommend other music. It doesn’t happen for me. What they recommend is rarely relevant to me.

And there their music playlists aren’t very inspired, I wouldn’t listen to most of the songs they add into a playlist Apple Music made.

Not only that but also the interface on it looks old to me and not at all intuitive. Here’s a snippet: 

Playlists Apple Music

Comparing Apple Music to Spotify


I closed my Apple Music subscription on 24th of January. I couldn’t stand it anymore. And chose Spotify instead. Now, Spotify is different. In many (good) ways.

*The desktop app talks to the mobile app. They are best buddies! When one receives a new song which I download, they other makes sure its on that device too. Or when I am listening to a song or podcast on one device, the other is immediately synchronised and knows what I am listening to.

*It’s a “features first” service. Unlike Apple Music, you have the music feature (categorised by albums, playlists you can make yourself, songs, artists, categories etc) and the podcasts feature, both in one place, not two separate apps.

*The Spotify interface is much more user-friendly than Apple Music interface because:

a. it’s easy to find pre-populated playlists done by Spotify

b. it’s personalised based on not only your music preferences but also based on your lifestyle — for example, I am sporty person, I run, do weights classes etc and so Spotify suggested me some “Running” playlists (which I tried and are not bad at all) and some weight training songs too.

My Spotify


My Spotify

*the design is just much better than Apple’s. Here’s a comparison:


Apple’s “Browse”

Apple pre-populated playlists design


Spotify pre-populated playlists


Spotify suggested playlists


Sorry, Apple, I wanted to love your Music app but you won’t let me, it’s always a hustle to use it! Spotify is on top and you need to wake up!

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