Want to visit London? Put these areas on your list

I’ve been living in London for almost 2 years now and every time a friend comes by I suggest to them these areas to checkout.
Want to visit London? Put these areas on your list


So, you are planing your trip to London and probably have on your must-see list Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Hyde Parc, British Museum, etc. and that’s fine but, I think, there are some areas that you might have skipped and you shouldn’t.


photo: royalparks.org.uk

It’s my all time favourite area in London. It isn’t overcrowded and it has a lot to offer:

Cutty Sark – huge ship turned into museum that has a lot of history.

National Maritime Museum – free entrance and interesting displays

Greenwich Park – massive open space park

Royal Observatory – some of the best view in London

Greenwich Market – cool handcrafted stuff

University of Greenwich – beautiful architecture

Everything is around the same area and you won’t need to do a lot of walking to see everything.

To get here you will need to take a train from Cannon Street, a tube to Canary Wharf and then the DLR or you can search for a bus depending on your location. For a more exciting journey, you can also take the boat!


photo: interopa.co.uk

It’s one of the most green, chill, quite and beautiful places in London. You can explore:

Richmond Park – raw, huge park with deer walking around

Kew Gardens – superbly managed botanical garden with massive trees and vegetation

Great walk – if you get to Richmond don’t take a bus, just walk to your destination and you will see one of the greatest neighbourhoods of London

You can get to Richmond by the tube or a train from London Victoria station.

Canary Wharf

photo: canarywharf.com

What? The financial district with those massive buildings? Yes, you must visit it BUT only on the weekend. In the weekends it feels abandoned, it feels like you are in one of those movies where everyone died on the planet and you’re the only survivor. Mwahaha. Here you can explore:

Jubilee Park – small one but with great decorations

Walk around the Dock – a must.

Museum of Docklands – small museum about the imperial time

You can get to Canary Wharf by tube, boat or DLR.


Have you visited any of these areas? What was your impression about them and what other areas would you add to my list?

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