Taking it to the next level!

When it comes to project management, many people think its an easy job, easy role, easy peasy.
Taking it to the next level!


When it comes to project management, nothing is easy if you are a great project manager. How you do that?

By facing challenges and managing expectations – different! 

Because the so-called project managers or “PMs wanna be” can easily be found, the market, especially in the big cities, is full.

YEAH, about that


To elaborate on the above, I said many people think “project management” is an easy job.

Because some of the project managers tasks can be achieved by software programs or by other resources available in a company. The only task and quality a project manager has which cannot be replaced by a software nor another employee (resource) is running a project. The skill of running a project. And this is a project manger’s most important role/task/focus point.

How one runs a project is the most important aspect from a PM’s career, it is the reason that differentiates the “so called project managers” from the great project managers out there. It is the reason why colleagues might choose to work with you on all the projects.

Avoid spending most of your time doing tasks that other resources in the company could do, such as:  finance report ( finance people would be able to do that so how are you different?), booking resources ( a more junior person would be able to do that), writing briefs ( if the task you are writing the brief for is not difficult/big/complex, then leave it to a Jr. PM or Exec and just read it and correct and oversee it before briefing it in – you add more value to it doing so!) and list can go on.

The perspective


Change it!

Start thinking as a CEO does – he owns the company.

Change the way you manage a project. Don’t do it for the sake of doing it. Do it like you mean it. Owning it is even more important than managing it. When you own a project you treat it as a priority and its not only about the tasks, timing and finances that you look after but you must look after the people too. When you own a project you not only manage the actual project tasks but you also manage the people.

Keep it lean


Running a business “lean” means having a mindset. In essence, thinking lean means thinking about 3 fundamental aspects when running a project: purpose, process and people. These 3 things help in building a vision of the project which will then lead to choosing the right tools.

Let’s talk about the last one as I am sure the purpose of a project is something any project manager needs to start with (right???!!) so you know that already, the process differs from project to another, from project manager to another and I strongly recommend considering all points written above and trying to integrate it into your process of running a project.

Manage the people


Managing people involved in a project means 2 big things

1. making each member’s “life” on that project easier

You make that by assuring each of them understood what their role is, what their tasks are about and what is expected of them. By explaining why this task they have on their list is more important than the others, by being transpire in terms of how many hours they have on a project or stage of a project and allowing them to confirm the number of hours is aligned with their personal time management.

On top of all the above you, as a project manager, must know what each of them is best at – what are they good at, what makes them unique and brings value to the project – make sure you know it and help them bring it to the project. Respect each team member’s strengths.

2. making them feel as part of a team

Simple terms like: teamwork, opinions count, help each other, look after each other – are terms which motivate them as a team, make them feel they are always covered. But most importantly trusting each other.

Does everyone trust each other? Does each member know what he/she is supposed to do and by when?

If yes, that’s success.



Having a lean thinking helps you deliver better, faster, smoother. If you want to deliver in time and to high standards you must know how to incorporate project management + business development + human resources into running each of your projects.

Which means what I was saying above: you should act as the CEO of your project.



We, as project managers, are essentially “delivery machines”. Don’t put yourself on automatic pilot,  stay a lean delivery machine. Know the vision first, pick the best tools, know the people, manage them in getting the tasks done – all of which are part of running the project lean.

Make your role matter and don’t spend much time in doing the tasks that other resources could do.

Oh, and bring snacks from time to time when you have project meetings.

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