Switching to USB-C. How hard was it?

USB Type-C is the future, and everyone agrees with this but how hard is it to go “all in” with this new connector?
Switching to USB-C. How hard was it?
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You already know what a USB is. It’s that connector you use to put a stick into your computer, to charge your phone (probably micro-USB), etc. So, what’s the big thing with this “-C”? Well, the vision is to have one cable that is capable of doing everything (if all devices have USB-C).

Connect a external hard-drive to your laptop or phone? Yes.

Connect your phone to your laptop? Yes.

Charge your laptop or phone? Yes.

Connect your laptop to a external graphics card? Yes.

Connect your laptop to a monitor? Yes.

Connect your laptop to a monitor, charge your laptop, use external speakers, a webcam, all just one cable away? Yes.

So, as you can see, this new connector is pretty insane. It’s what we dreamed of from the beginning. I can see a near future where we will have just USB-C connecting everything. Even the power outlets sockets can be type-c and you can connect your fridge to the socket using USB-C.

One thing to point out is that not all USB-Cs are the same. Some just carry data, they are like a normal USB but with the type-c connector. Other use what’s called “thunderbolt 3”, this can carry a lot of data and power to charge your device.

I am using the new MacBook Pro that only has USB-C ports and at the end of the day you have 2 options.

What are those options?

1. Dongles

Dongles are adapters that use USB-C at one end and other types of “old ports” on the other. Today’s selection is massive and it can vary between:

USB-C to 3 x Normal USB

USB-C to 4 x Normal USB, HDMI/DVI/VGA, Card Reader, Ethernet


You only need to carry one dongle and you will have access to all types of ports you may need.


All of the good dongles are pretty expensive.


2. New Cables

Here’s a good example. Let’s say you have an external hard disk that connects at one end with micro-usb (in the hard disk) and the other with normal usb (in the laptop). Basically the concept is to replace your existing cables to have the original connector at one end the USB-C at the other and you can do this for all of your devices.


You don’t need to carry an extra dongle with you and the replacement cables are pretty cheap.


You loose compatibility with your friends/co-workers if they don’t have USB-C.


I tried a dongle (bought from Amazon) at first but there was a big problem with it. The Wi-Fi dropped the moment I inserted the dongle in the MacBook Pro.

Maybe I was unlucky with that one (although I tried it on another MacBook Pro too and the same issue), I returned it and ordered new cables for all of my devices. I ended up paying the same amount of money for all the cables but I have a lot of devices.

Now everything works perfectly and I feel like I’ve adapted to USB-C pretty good. Probably in the future I will only look at devices that have the type-c connector and disregard the ones with the legacy ports.

For us here at Brunch Media, the “one cable to rule them all” future is here and if you have Amazon in your country or a good computer store nearby you will probably find all the cable/adapters you need.

How do you feel about USB-C?

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