[fan-fries] “Super bowl’s 3 Best Ads” fries

Let’s see what Fan Fries we have found on 3 of the best ads for Super bowl 2017!
“Super bowl’s 3 Best Ads” fries


The moment all Americans have been waiting for! The Super bowl. Super bowl happened on 5th of February this year and as in previous years, all people in America were all eyes and ears on to the game!

Same were the brands, though. With pushing their commercials and live tweets!

Let’s see what Fan Fries we have found on 3 of the best ads for Super bowl 2017, as considered by Brunch Media team.

But before that…

Here are is BM’s 3 top Super bowl commercial ad picks of 2017

1. Skittles’ ROMANCE AD

My one line review of this ad: this ad really has subtlety if you ask me, and if an ad has subtlety, then it’s not a bad ad 😉 Purpose of this ad is of course to make you laugh and buy some skittles.

2. Audi #DriveProgress – DAUGHTER AD

This ad has an emotional and educational side. All parents want to see their boys and girls succeed and be well. The background music amplifies the emotional side and makes you wonder if you have been investing enough time with your children, if you have been encouraging them enough and if you believe in them and made them aware that you do? Some may say the commercial has a “sexism” side …

3. Fabreze – #Bathroombreak AD

Don’t get me wrong but they were smart. During the game you barely get up to go for a pee and so the half time break is the one you always use for a chance to pee. And this ad ran right before that half time break. What I mean is…context is good! And this was Febreze’s first Super Bowl ad ever!

About the actual ad, not yet sure, I have mixed feelings.


Source: Skittles Romance Ad - youtube.com

Now this fry is a haters’. But the comment is valid, what if…

Source: Skittles Romance Ad - youtube.com

I would argue against this fry because commercials, in general, are not made for people to start imagining real things. See the bigger picture and just enjoy a not bad ad.

Source: Skittles Romance Ad - youtube.com

That’s for sure!

Source: Audi #DriveProgress Daughter Ad - youtube.com

This is a hater with a twist. You should ask yourself: is this ad getting the message through? I think it did. Is this ad speaking about a possible reality? Yes.

Source: Audi #DriveProgress Daughter Ad - youtube.com

Yes, man, I get you. Don’t judge the ad creators though…the message is on the spot with the #DriveProgress campaign.

Source: Audi #DriveProgress Daughter Ad - youtube.com

Cheers to that! Truth is tough because it speaks reality and reality can be the toughest!

Source: FABREZE – #Bathroombreak Ad - youtube.com

Even this fry proves that context matters.

Source: FABREZE – #Bathroombreak Ad - youtube.com

Happy to see that someone understands what’s beyond the actual ad. I salute you!

Source: FABREZE – #Bathroombreak Ad - youtube.com

Not sure what to understand. It could be that Febreze had the chance to put a great Super bowl ad in front of customers but they’ve missed it OR it could be that he didn’t got the chance to pee? Either way, sorry mate!


Commercials are with actors, are fake and are always lying to us. But if the brands are aware and remind themselves that people know all of that and look into how to get out a great commercial that is subtitle, a bit funny or emotional, that has “something” that makes the watcher laugh, cry, think profoundly or act (go to the bathroom!) then they are about to produce a one hell of an ad!

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