Sunny Malta

We went to Malta on our (late) honeymoon! And had only two types of weather: hot and very hot. I know what you are thinking - I cannot complain.
Sunny Malta

Where we stayed

We went to Malta on our (late) honeymoon! And had only two types of weather: hot and very hot. I know what you are thinking – I cannot complain.

We stayed at an all inclusive resort located in Mellieha piece of island, the hotel was 4 star and was called SeaBank and it’s part of a bigger resort franchise called DB.

Google maps here if you want to explore and hotel website here

The resort was beautiful, it had the biggest pool I have ever seen, which was for families with children (highest water was 1,20 m) and you could have stayed there even if you did not have kids and another separate pool for adults (highest water was 1,30 m).

They provided sun-beds (a lot of them) which were already outside surrounding the two pools you just had to pick one.

The resort offered so many things to do except swimming in the pool and laying in the sun. They had special areas for kids where you could go with them to play (like a mini park inside the resort). In the evenings they would organise mini disco for kids (ensuring you get some sleep at night by getting them tired)!

And overall it was a very children friendly atmosphere.

Other activities for adults: aqua volley, mini golf, bowling, attending aqua morning gym and aqua Zumba, pilates or yoga. All of these were at no price, but included in the all inclusive package.

The staff

The staff was well trained, our room was cleaned daily (of course!)and they had rules for customers not only the staff, for example, while you were enjoying the sun and the pool you could not go grab a snack from the restaurant without putting some clothes on first (you were not allowed to only have your swimsuit and slippers on and enter the restaurant).

What we ate

All inclusive means breakfast, lunch and dinner are included as well as snacks in the afternoon from 3pm to 6pm. We did not have to worry about what to eat, we just ate 😀

Breakfast and lunch we always had at their main restaurant, sometimes we would have dinner at another restaurant within the resort which required a booking first. If you did not have a booking then you could go have dinner at their same main restaurant.

In a nutshell, in bit more than a week there, we ate:

At breakfast: a lot of eggs (cooked differently), yogurt with musli, pancakes, feta cheese and wholemeal multi seeded bread for breakfast

At lunch:  a lot of chicken, fish, grilled vegetables, steamed broccoli, beans salad, roasted potatoes, grilled beef. And desert, always — me fruits; him — cakes

At dinner: a lot of healthy veggies, we/I mixed cold salads (aubergine salad, chicken salad) with hot mains (e.g chicken skewers with coconut veggies), pan fried lamb, grilled salmon, peas and edamame salads. Always finishing with dessert — me fruits; him — cakes. 

We unfortunately didn’t take pictures, we just enjoyed the food but will leave this link here from their website and you will notice a lot of food photos with their buffets from the different restaurants within the resort. Enjoy!

Few photos I selected from their website just so you get the idea.

Photo credits: dbseabank


What we explored

We went to see the capital, Valletta. We took public transport from our resort up to the heart of the Valletta City.

We first walked around the port and we saw their cruise ships — stunning and huge. There were loads of people embarking and I told myself we have to do this some time!


We then went to the Upper and Lower Gardens where we had amazing views and even though the gardens were small, they were beautiful and well maintained.

We walked on the narrow streets of Valletta which make it a cosy city to live in. And you can sense the French and Italian inspired architecture. It also has a Medieval feel to it.

After the gardens we went to see the War Museum. The museum was partly outside in the open areas and partly inside, split in 7 sections.

We found out that Malta even though a small island, it was an important intermediate between important countries who colonised it, like France, Italy, Great Britain and the main countries who were colonised, like India and Africa.

The museum was nicely structured and you went from one section (room) to another, in chronological order. The entrance price was €10.

These first 3 stops made us hungry. So we went to eat at a local Italian restaurant, called Pablo, very nice food and fresh ingredients, very well seasoned. Tripadvisor here.

I ate gnocchi with clams and Portobello mushrooms. It was amazing, a lot if, fresh gnocchi, fresh clams (in shell), the mushroom sauce was amazing and if when I took a mushroom, a clam and a gnocchi all in the fork, that was the perfect bite!

My husband had an octopus salad, great grill on the octopus, fresh salads and tomatoes. The octopus was tender, very nice cook on it.

Having filled our stomachs, we went for a walk in the centre of Malta, which was really beautiful, sunny, the centre was a bit medieval and really artistic. Restaurants on the sides, ice cream stands, a lot of tourists and so hot.

They city centre seemed quite artistic too:

We also went by boat to see the Blue Lagoon. The boat we went with was vintage style, a mix of old and new, you wouldn’t feel the waves and the movements on the boat and the sea breeze was really refreshing! So, no, I did not feel sick at all (which was the thing I was scared it would happen).

Blue Lagoon was so amazing. It’s the best water I have ever experienced. So salty, clear and clean, perfect for swimming. Some jelly fishes in there, a lot of them but if you knew where to swim, everything was perfect.

The water is really turquoise, as you’ve seen it in the pictures!


Overall the experience in Malta for 8 day was amazing. We truly relaxed, didn’t have to worry about a thing, food was always served at fixed hours, pool opened to swim at all times, sun was always up, their sea is beautiful and clean. I liked Malta better than Greece (Corfu)! We are definitely going back to Malta!

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