Stylish Stockholm

How is Stockholm? My family and friends were asking as soon as I got back. Stockholm is truly the evidence that "simple is beautiful". 
Stylish Stockholm

How is Stockholm?

How is Stockholm? My family and friends were asking as soon as I got back.

Stockholm is truly the evidence that “simple is beautiful”. The city does not have a “Big Ben” or a “Notre Dame” but the city itself is very alive, with a perfect combination of modern and medieval buildings, smart and relaxed people, with very chilled and stylish vibe overall.

Two things you can see everywhere you look: calming colours and water.

In one word, I find Stockholm to be a stylish city!

The Vibe

The city vibe is “down to earth” and relaxing, people enjoy nature and overall the city gives you a feeling of fresh air surrounding you and you should inhale as much as possible of that air because you know you’ll go back into a busier city and you will miss that fresh air Stockholm has to offer.

They also have A LOT of trees and green fields all surrounding the city. Not far from city centre they even have an area called Eco Park which is an area where locals go to enjoy some fresh air and the green woods surrounding them. They either go for a run, a walk, to cycle or even just to enjoy a picnic. Left and right you can only see green and if you look in front you’ll see the water. Water and trees, this makes you feel 10% healthier even if you only stay there for an hour.


The Architecture

It’s worth mentioning from the beginning that Stockholm is made from fourteen islands. Each part of the city that is connected through a bridge is an island.  Crossing a bridge would, most probably, take to another island.

The Stockholm city’s architecture is quite simple, their buildings do not have a lot of details, but the details are how they should be, right where they should be. Not too many, not too less, not “in your face”. Their buildings really have personality, most of them were kept with that Medieval style from hundreds years ago. And I liked the fact that there is no building that looks the same, not even the same colour.

They like everything to be symmetric, every building should be finished with the same style and structure as it was started. This makes their style stand out.

Most of their buildings are big, large, huge. They didn’t mess with sizes, they like everything to be wide, spacious including streets, car roads and pedestrians paths. Everywhere you look, you see wideness (if that word even exists), spacious places, with people riding the bike, people walking, and very few cars.

The landscape

To be honest, we visited quite a few landmarks in Stockholm but it didn’t feel like it! We went to a couple of museums: Vasa museum and Nobel museum and other than that we visited a few of their island.

Vasa museum is indeed a must see. Its Stockholm’s Maritime museum which focuses on the story of the ship, how it was built, when it was built, who worked on it etc. The sad part of the story (And why they turned it into a museum) is that the ship sank 20 minutes after it has been released on the water. The ship didn’t actually made it far from Stockholm City. 333 years later they found the ship 32 metres in the deep sea and got it out. They ship was in a good shape considering how old it was, because they used wood and wood can make it for a long time in water.

So the museum has the ship inside and on the sides you can see drawings and mock-ups of how they built it and how it got released out of the deep sea.

Entrance to the museum was Eur13

Nobel museum is also nice. It has all the people who received a Nobel prize since the very beginning until the present we live in today and it also presents the life of Nobel who created the dynamite and the prize.


Entrance to the museum was Eur12

The Old Town, which is called Gamla Stan (or Stadsholmen), is formed of 3 islands: Stadsholmen, Riddarholmen and Helgeandsholmen and still has that Medieval architecture, look and feel. The buildings have been kept with the same style and look and it can give you the “viking” feeling. 😉

Djurgården is yet another island where you can find most of their museums:  Vasa museum, ABBA museum, Nordic museum.

We also did a city boat cruise for one hour, where we went through the “green” areas of Stockholm where you could see people just enjoying the nature and relaxing, we crossed pass the exact dock where Vasa ship was released into the sea and we pass by the Royal Palace. And we also saw a side of Stockholm which is not at all visible in the city centre: the industrial area, where all the big corporations are located.

There is also a very nice view when you get to the docks on the Riddarholmen island, the island where the “law” lives – all the courts and tribunals from the city can be found on that island.

The food

The food is not a big deal if you ask me. Think about the food you find when you go to IKEA restaurant: salmon with veggies, meatballs with potatoes or mashed potatoes and of course hotdogs.

Well, that is what you actually find in the city too, if you want “local”. Hotdogs are their “street food”, the most well known dish is veal meatballs with potato puree which locals eat often at lunch. But what I liked the most is that you can find good sea food here and good fish (tuna and salmon especially).

The people

The people in Stockholm are friendly and polite. You’re walking on the street and you can easily distinguish them: tall, blond, athletic, both men and women.

They love riding the bike, walking, enjoying green and nature and most of all, enjoy the Sun when it shows up by staying outside and on the docks as much as possible.


Conclusion is Stockholm is really beautiful, spacious and calming, it has a very modern look even though a lot of the medieval old buildings were kept, they were very well sustained and you cannot see the history that passed with them.

The trees in the city make it quite revigorating and give the air a quite distinct smell of freshness.

Go visit!

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