Cabin Max, a smart backpack

When you are only going away for few days and you don't want to carry your big, fat trolley...
Cabin Max, a smart backpack

Cabin Max

When you go on a 3 – 4 days trips you want to pack light but still have space for all your stuff to “breath” and also space for some gifts and souvenirs you will return with for sure.

Well, in the summer of 2016 we’ve made some digging and we found the smartest backpacks ever which we have been using for more than 1 year now.

They are called Cabin Max and they are spacious and brilliant.


Where did we go with Cabin Max?

We went to Paris, Amsterdam, Romania, and we stayed in each city for 4 or 5 days. We went in different seasons and the weather is different in those 3 cities so we had to pack different sorts of clothes – in Paris we went end of August so lots of T-shirts but still a jacket to wear at night, in Amsterdam we went in April and it was really cold so lots of sweaters and winter jacket, and in Romania we went in June so very light packing as the summer is kicking a*s there.

Very spacious, I said

Allow me to explain.

So, the overall size is 55x40x20 cm and the backpack, overall, is spacious and has a lot of pockets where you can fit gadgets, cosmetics etc. 

The inside is long and wide enough and I could easily fit a pair of snickers too as well a spring-autum jacket. You definitely have room for a laptop too should you wish to work on your holiday (no!).

The pockets are very smart integrated – all your cosmetics will fit in there and you have room for the mobile chargers too. Oh, I added the underwear and socks in those smart pockets as well.

Comfy, you ask?

Yes, it’s comfy. It’s design includes thick sponges left and right to ensure a very comfortable travel while you’re walking even if you are wearing a T-shirt, a dress, a sweater or a winter jacket.

All in all, if you want something easy to carry around, spacious and comfortable, this is the one you are looking for.

The front pockets are very easy to reach (passport etc) so you don’t have to dig into your other inner pockets.

Where and at what price?

You can find it on Amazon here at £25 or so. It comes with 3 years guarantee and it’s accepted by majority airlines as handbags.

Thumbs up!

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