[fan-fries] New (Product)Red iPhone

If you don’t know, for a lot of time, Apple is offering its products in Red and a percentage of the revenue goes to the (Red) Foundation. They make it easier for companies to join the fight against AIDS.
New (Product)Red iPhone
Photo Credit: Apple


A lot of people don’t know exactly about this philosophy. You can buy the product red and know that a part of the price you pay will fund the fight against AIDS or you can directly donate the money yourself if that’s the cause you are interested in supporting.

Other companies that contribute to the (Red) Foundation are: Vespa, Mophie, Dyson, Alessi, etc

I’ve searched the internet for people reacting to this product and I wasn’t disappointed.

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none at all

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omg, omg, omg

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just like Iron Fist

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A true Apple Fanboy

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I am still waiting for green…

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I will try yellow. Lamborghini sounds better.

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He said please

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ooook …

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You sound very fan

Best comment ever

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