[vs] Justice League, do you bleed?

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Justice League, do you bleed?
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Do you bleed?

Justice League of everything?

First impression I can share with you: this movie is rushed. They tried to fit in a bit of EVERYTHING without considering that it might just be too much. And in a comic book — superhero movie world, rushing the plot is the last thing you want to do.

As part of a comic movies fan I did not really enjoy the fact that some new characters introduced through this movie — for instance, Aqua-man and Cyborg where not given the chance to “shine” in this movie, to show their audience who they are and give the audience a bit of context behind their story.

A Washington Post critic said: “Everyone involved in making “Justice League,” and everyone who will eventually see it, deserved something better than this.” And I agree. The trailer is mind blowing, that’s why created high expectations. But you will be disappointed when you enter the cinema, stay there for two hours and get out feeling like nothing was really connected.

The story is a bit of everything and we all know that within such a dynamic movie with such dynamic characters it’s difficult to keep consistency and showcase the characters when you add everything into it. 

Now, time for some spoilers! (or maybe not as I would assume you have seen the movie already; if not, don’t bother, go spend the money on Star Wars instead!)

The main good points I see in this movie are:

*They successfully introduced the comic books Villan: Steppenwolf

*There an interesting story behind the action but too bad the execution is not as good

*Superman is brought to life

The main poor points I see in this movie are:

*Steppenwolf’s mission gets accomplished way to easily and steals the 3 Mother Boxes very easy

*The main story unfortunately does not allow all characters to showcase their strength and gift

*Superman is way to overrated. I mean, we all know he is the best at all things “super” but still, no member of Justice League succeeds to even hurt him slightly in their 101 (105 really/) battle? And he manages to look at The Flash in the speed force…come on. Not even Steppenwolf manages to hurt him slightly in their 101 fight at the end.


Justice League is kinda' s**t?

From the beginning I can tell you that this movie is s**t.

It’s rushed, not enough character development, bad villain, not enough explanation about the plot and heroes that do nothing.

To be honest it feels like a movie made ten years ago, before the first Iron Man, when it was acceptable to have s**t like this. Now it’s not.

If you watched Capitan America: Civil War OR Thor: Ragnarok, then I can tell you that those two films are at least ten times better than this one.

I really don’t understand how come DC take one step forward and two behind every time.

Should you go to the cinema to watch it? My answer is definitely no. Just wait until it’s available on Netflix.

Does the movie have any good points? A couple:

*The Flash and Aqua-man are funny,

*Cyborg seems interesting but he only gets about 2-3 minutes of screen time

*And that’s pretty much it!

Maybe I had huge expectations going into the cinema to see a movie that can compete with Avengers but it’s not even close.

Sorry DC, at this point I’m reaching to the conclusion that you can’t make a movie that gets closed to Batman: Dark Knight.

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