I’m judging you!

A book by Luvvie Ayayi. I read this book in one month or so (January 2018) as I wanted to start the year with a good book and a good laugh. This book is both. "I am judging you" was released in September 2016 and it’s a non-fiction book, reality-oriented with an elegant mix of sarcasm and humour. I just love it and enjoyed every page.
I’m judging you!

Comic Sans, racism, social media...

Topics covered in this book are: hygiene, racism, rape, plastic surgery, social media, weight, Comic Sans and other interesting and unexpected topics.

The book is split in four parts, each part focused on different theme: Life, Culture, Social media and Fame.

Every time I read this book it made me laugh and sometimes people were staring at me. They just didn’t knew what they were missing.

The books is quite acclaimed – you might want to read the quotes below before you read my overview!

quote Shonda Rhimes, The New York Times bestselling author of "Years of Yes" and creator of "Scandal" and "Grey's Anatomy" quote

Brilliantly puts the world on notice that Luvvie is not here for yuor foolishness or mine. Gives us everything from hilarious lectures on the bad behaviour all around us to razor-sharp essays on media and culture.

quote Mallory Ortberg, bestselling author of "Text from Jane Eyre" quote

I wish I could read I'm Judging You for the first time again. I have been chided by the best, and I love it.

quote Angela Nissel, author of "The Broke Diaries" and "Mixed" quote

A brilliant, laugh-out-loud manual for the generation that can configure a wireless router but still hasn't realised social media is not the place for child-support issues...Tough and tender.


First part, Life, is a very honest and in depth analysis of how we (people) act and react in our daily, usual scenarios in our lives: how some people don’t truly care about other (who are their friends supposedly), about the fake people we are surrounded by. It also touches the sensitive matter of how we let ourselves influenced by others as well as being obsessed about how we look (see chapter called “Weight a minute”) which all together make us feel bad if we’re not within the “society standards”.


The second part, Culture, is more around the (cruel) world we live in. It’s about the extremism if you ask me: rape, racism, feminism. I like that it showcases how we let ourselves waved through life by the worse perception of human rights and how we let our differences matter more when it comes to all living together in the same world.

Social Media

The third part, Social media, is a really funny one for me, especially because in some of the cases Luvvie presents in the chapter I sometimes find myself.  She talks about hashtags and how we love adding the hash #beforeanyword Hashtag #do #we #know #how #to #use #hashtags #really?

In this part you’ll also read about Facebook and how, and  most importantly, why some people (maybe most people) showcase their lives, daily, on Facebook, letting us know what they had for breakfast, lunch, dinner and what they’re going to bed. And the book also describes, in a high-level sarcasm the things people are bad at when it comes to social media – Including the Comic Sans font.


Fourth part and the last is about Fame.

Fame online, fame in porn, the reason why some got into porn and other weird things people do for fame. Or how some famous people nowadays got famous by mistake or by simply being themselves or by doing stupid things. Kim Kardashian rings any bells?

Tone of voice

The tone of voice in this book is sarcastic, humorous, but not truly pragmatic nor rude. In one word, it’s honest and judgemental. You will feel judged by honest world facts and the funny part is that it’s not really addressed to you in person but you feel it as it is because Luvvie speaks to the world as one and you’ll have moments when you feel pointed at.

I strongly recommend it because it will wake you up. That’s why I read this book every day I in the morning!

Where to buy from

You can find the book on Amazon. That’s where I bought it from.

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