Glorious Rome

“Rome, a ruin!” many people might say. But Rome is such a beautiful "ruin", a glorious one I dare to say!
Glorious Rome

Veni. Vidi. Vici

Rome, a glorious city!

“Rome, a ruin!” many people would say. But Rome is such a beautiful ruin, a glorious one I dare to say!

Whenever you are walking on the Roman streets you see a fountain in a corner or a beautiful building in front of you, or some nice architectural details.

As a person who hated history in school, seeing Rome made me starting to like it because you can “see the history” in this city and I would say that is happening through the following:


To me, it felt like every little square or every small building was a landmark and a place worth seeing.

Here are some of the landmarks we visited:


Of course, you cannot go to Rome without seeing the Colosseum. It’s Rome’s biggest landmark of all! We bought tickets online from home and printed them and we also paid 2 Euros* more so we can skip the line!

*I do not understand why people would stay in such a big line just for 2 extra euros. Two!

Colosseum is breathtaking! It’s a beautiful ruin. As bizarre as it may sound, that’s what it is. We knew it was used for tough battles (Romans form of entertainment centuries ago) in front of the king but later on, once that habit was given up, the Colosseum became a shelter place in which working people built their houses.

Roman Forum and Palatine hill*

This to me was much more beautiful and breathtaking than the Colosseum. It’s hard to choose, I know. I say that because it’s grandiose and by seeing the Forum and Palatine hill ruins you understand the history and how things happened in the Roman days.

*The ticket for the Colosseum includes the visit to Roman Forum and Palatine hill.

Trajan’s Column

This is by far pure history! If you get closer to the Column you can see the history carved into it. It is spectacular and the most famous column of them all. It is a symbol of triumph, Trajan’s triumph during the wars in the Dacian period. It is by far an Ancient Roman style architecture.

Altare della Patria

Right after Trajan’s column we found the most grandiose building of them all: Altare della Patria. It’s a monument built for Victor Emmanuel, the first king of Italy. This monument is white (very white) as it was built from white marble.

This monument hosts the so called “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier”, sitting under the statue of Goddess Roma, which is protected at all times by 2 soldiers.

Fun fact I read on Wikipedia: because of its shape (and white colour I assume), Altare della Patria is also nicknamed “wedding cake”!

Fontana Di Trevi

Spectacular. The name “Trevi” comes from the word “Trivium” which symbolises the crossing of three streets: Via De’ Crocicchi, Via Poli and Via Delle Muratte. The design is quite detailed and some of it includes horses, snakes and tritons. The fountain is said to be the most beautiful in the world. Not convinced about that though. But it is a piece of art and a symbol for wealth, power and wisdom.

Other landmarks we visited are:

The Pantheon



Bocca della Verità

Spanish Steps

Vatican city

The city itself is small and not impressive if you ask me. But the Vatican museum is a ‘must see’. You can easily spend up to 8 hours in there, reading and seeing the history and the all the religious legends.  You need to go to Sistine Chapel, it’s simply beautiful and you can see, in images, Jesus’s life and other religious happenings.

The one room that impressed me and in which we spent most of the time in was this one:


What’s so amazing about Rome? That every little corner tells a story.

Walking through the ruins from the Roman Forum and Palatine hill is a mind opening  experience, you are surrounded by ruins from hundreds of years ago that are still standing today (just to articulate, we are in 2018). The Forum and Palatine as well as the Colosseo were built from cement and concrete which can resist for so many years – proof of that is Rome).

Not only the Forum and Palatine hill are the ruins but just by walking on the Roman streets or parks you pass across an ancient ruin. That is so specific to Rome.

The narrow streets, with buildings that have small Italian windows are also beautiful to see and look at. Very simple with that Italian touch, a style you easily notice.

Here and there, if you pay attention to all the details, you can read the latin words on different buildings or landmarks.

Here are some random pictures we took just while walking in Rome:

A bridge in Rome with beautiful statues:

Court: look how amazing this building is and detailed and … beautiful.

Rome ruins by night: simply breathtaking

When walking down the streets you would bump into Orange trees (with oranges!), a little island, a building that looks like gelato and you want to eat it, a lion statue, a sun design in on the street and many other random things. How cool is that?

Doesn’t this building look like a strawberry gelato to you too?




I always compare Rome with Barcelona or better yet, Italian architecture and vibe with the Spanish ones.

It’s very difficult to tell which one is the most beautiful because each has its own beauty and it’s worth seeing and experiencing both. However I have to say that Roman streets and the Roman vibe is different and special because it’s much more impactful than the Spanish feeling the streets of Barcelona give you.

Rome is just so valuable and mind-blowing because you can feel the power of Roman kings and image the history happenings just by walking down the streets: you see it in the fountains, in the strong buildings, in the remaining ruins, in the statues. You see it on the local Italian people’s faces: they are fearless and courageous with a bit of careless sense. Yes, they simply don’t give a fuck! Don’t give a fuck about, for example, how clean the city is or that is a red signal at the stop or that there is a pedestrian crossing path and they should stop the car and wait. However, they love their city and their status of being Italian. They are proud.

And I just love that. That Latin-Italian blood ready to fight at any time and staying true to who they are. That is what Roma’s vibe is: you get there, you walk around the corner, you see this magnificent building and an Italian man at his balcony smoking and looking at you with a friendly smile thinking:

quote Imaginary quote by Italian guy: quote

Welcome to Rome, you m****r f****r. I am happy you are finally here to experience our history and beauty and try our awesome pasta! Let me offer you a cappuccino first.


Do I really have to write anything? Don’t we all already know Italian food is the best and the tastiest? It’s meant to be comfort food, if you ask me, but Italians somehow made it fancy — guess through the French influences.

It’s all carbs and fat — pasta, rice/risotto, gnocchi, pizza, panini, parmigiano reggiano, mozzarella — which means energy for the fight you’re about to have. What do you mean “what fight?” You and the world — isn’t that our everyday life story?

Here’s what we experienced:

Pasta, fish and some zucchini

The best pasta I ever had and I will ever have (I am 1000% sure of that). We ate amazing pasta in two places:

First – Ombre Rosse delicious pasta, great service!

pasta alla pomodoro with tomato and basil sauce:

pasta carbonara:

Second – La taverna dei fori imperiali – great pasta, not convinced about the fish dish!

Cod fish dish

Zucchini in mind and vinegar sauce: delicious!


Don’t have a picture I am afraid but the tomato and basil sauce that was on top of the gnocchi was freaking delicious and fresh. Not convinced about the gnocchi though.

We ate this one very close to the Altare della Patria: Antica Roma


Don’t have a picture (sorry, we were too hungry to afford taking pictures) — it was a pizza with anchovies and it smelled…well…fishy. Not the best pizza you can have in Italy.

We ate pizza at the same place as the gnocchi: Antica Roma

Vegan food

Yeah, we also tried some vegan food. Just to see if they are as good as they are with pasta and pizza.

And the answer is yes, they are.

Il Margutta vegan food and art – high class vegetarian and vegan food which I never experienced before.

Amuse bouche: pumpkin with haloumi cheese on top

I ate a Sicily purple cauliflower cream soup.

And he ate artichokes lasagna – the taste of the artichoke was too much for me, but he seemed to like it.

Oh, and this place had the best wine I ever tasted so far on our travels.

Healthy, colourful burger

We went to Rome and we had some burgers too – haha – not italian at all but why not?? They were vegan ones and different colours. I chose the green one called Grinch burger. 

More about this burger on their official website: Grinch burger

He ate a Black one. Made with squid ink. The  burger was called Cheesy Cecio. 

And the best restaurant we went to is Ginger. Very nice staff, stylish look and feel inside. If you order a cocktail (10 euro) they give you a small plate with aperitives that go well with the cocktail you chose. Very nice – that’s how we tasted octopus in Rome! Oh, and they have amazing and healthy smoothies!

You must try Ginger.


Rome is the best city I have ever been to. Even though I wouldn’t see myself living in Rome, it’s the perfect city to relax, walk, stay curious and hungry!

Have you been to Rome?

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