Facebook’s latest News Feed

So we all are aware of the fact that Facebook has been making changes to its News Feed. Again! And to be very honest I am quite happy with the changes. Here is why.
Facebook’s latest News Feed
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But first things first

What are they changing?

What are they changing? Well, based on how you use the content on Facebook they will be “ranking” the posts that you seem most interested in and show them at the top of your feed, with the hope that you will be interacting with your friends more that way and Facebook goes back to its roots”

quote Adam Mosseri, Head of News Feed quote

Facebook was built to bring people closer together and build relationships.

Now, here is why I am in favour of the changes

1. Cleaner News feed

Who would you not want a cleaner feed? I heard people talking about this and this reason makes me sick: “Because that way I am encouraged to actually socialise (face to face) with my friends.” Excuse me? That won’t happen because we are used not to do that so often anymore (you might have heard that we’re living in a digital era) and the fact that Facebook will change the newsfeed should not determine whether you socialise with your friends or not. That is just pathetic.

2. Facebook accounts and pages

There should be a difference between how people use Facebook (accounts) and how brands/companies use it (pages). The first bunch should use it without seeing loads of videos from brands or sponsored stories in their feed while the second bunch should pay if they want to be displayed in my feed. Facebook is a business and they are desperately trying to become a media business which I agree it’s the way to go.

3. Facebook’s following the path to becoming a media company

That’s how they should be positioning themselves, if you ask me.

Let’s see…if you want to publish a banner (nobody should want that anymore) on the homepage of a big online newspaper (The Guardian, The New Yorker etc) you need to pay. And you usually work with a media company who’s going to take care of that. So why not make bigger efforts as a company to get visibility if you want your video or news to be published on Facebook’s News Feed to reach your target audience.

I see it as a healthy change for users therefore allow me to echo Mark Z.:

quote Mark Zuckerberg quote

This update will not change the amount of news you see on Facebook. It will only shift the balance of news you see towards sources that are determined to be trusted by the community. 

My hope is that this update about trusted news and last week's update about meaningful interactions will help make time on Facebook time well spent: where we're strengthening our relationships, engaging in active conversations rather than passive consumption, and, when we read news, making sure it's from high quality and trusted sources.

4. You can snooze.

Who does not love a good snooze? No, I am not talking about the ones you press every morning. Those we love too, but not in this case. This is another addition to our News Feed called Snooze option.

Imagine you are friends with your mum and she keeps posting images of her flowers. You are sick of seeing those images…so just snooze her for a while. You won’t unfriend nor unfollow but snooze so you can have a break from flowers! This means you will stop seeing your mum’s posts for 30 days.

Brilliant! Here’s what I don’t understand...

What the hell is a "meaningful conversation" on Facebook, really?

How can they measure the quality and meaningfulness of comments we (users) add to specific content a brand posts or a friend’s post? I feel that this needs to be done manually, by community managers or some sort of specialised people that can say “Yeah, this comment is of higher quality than this other one…”.

With this update, we will also prioritize posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people. (Adam Mosseri, Head of News Feed)

Also, there’s another side of this puzzle. What if people do comment to a brand’s content (videos, posts etc) and Facebook finds the comments “quality” ones? Because if you think about it…if I see Nestle posting a video with how to cook a healthy dish I might add a (silly) comment and tag a friend of mine who loves junk food and then he/she replies to my comment, I reply back and what do you know…there’s an interaction right there between me and my friend. Is that “quality content” and if so, will Facebook still show me Nestle’s videos in my News Feed?

Because let’s face it, us the users, we do watch stupid things on Facebook by choice, we love a video with melting cheese, pugs moving their heads at the same time or Nike’s motivational running ad.

So, what the hell is a meaningful conversation on Facebook, really? Don’t we have Facebook messenger for that?

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