Deadpool – teasers and ads that make you cry

Cry of laughter of course! I went to see Deadpool 2. And I laughed my a*s off. But this article is not about the movie, it’s about the movie’s teasers and ads. Fuuun!  
Deadpool – teasers and ads that make you cry
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Deadpool 2 - trailers, teasers, ads


You probably have seen most of Deadpool 2 movie trailers and teasers. They are spot on. Let’s talk about them!

The trailers show sequences from the actual movie (like 99% of the trailers are) but the teasers showcase Deadpool making fun of himself, other Avengers or random topics, but hey, it’s Deadpool, so it can be anything and anyone he fancies at that very moment.

Let’s take them in order:

“No good deed” teaser, 25 June 2017

This one obviously showcases the defining characteristics of Deadpool: he is trying to save somebody but blows it up by taking hours to get changed which ends up getting the guy killed by the time the “hero” arrives.

Oh and if you hadn’t noticed, he’s making some good fun of Wolverine, as we all know they are not best buddies in Comics and that is shown with subtlety in Deadpool movies.

“Wet on Wet” teaser, 15 Nov 2017

It starts with some nostalgia (of course) and then gets into something imaginary (just like a painting) until it transitions into reality, the reality being the movie. The trailer begins showing some sequences from the actual movie and then back to imagination — the painting of Deadpool and all his friends gathered at the table. This teaser is the definition of Deadpool, he is a dreamer and takes imagination seriously.

Funny, subtle and enough to get you want to see more!

"Tattoo” teaser, 5 Dec 2017

He’s talking in Spanish with the Spanish people, introducing 4 tattoos that the Latino fans can put on!

The character shows off by “proving” he can speak Spanish and Portuguese but its pretty obvious that is not the case. We all know he likes to show off with style and this is proof. That’s why we love him.

Teaser trailer “Apologies wot David Beckham”

In Deadpool 2, the main character makes fun of David Beckham saying that his voice sounds like he inhaled a bunch of helium. So to make amends, Deadpool texts (with the kiss emoji) the celebrity to apologise, but he is being ignored so he shows up in front of his door with a glass of milk and cookies saying “I am so so sorry”, but he get the door shut in his face.

Third time he gets back with a lot of red balloons and his voice changed because he inhaled helium (this one is pretty funny).

Fourth round at his door with Spanish guitar players to give David a serenata. But when he shows with 2 tickets for the Cup, that’s when David starts talking and invites him inside. And the rest is history.

What does this prove to us? That Deadpool hates having enemies. He is always looking for a window to turn them into anti-heroes. And that’s what happens with Cable in Deadpool 2 (I do hope it’s not a spoiler, you should have seen the movie by now!)

Watch the teasers before not only the movie. You’ll enjoy it more!

I think we can tell by now that Deadpool’s marketing campaign is right at the top. They started promoting the movie more than a year before its release and they went crazy with being present at every important milestone throughout the year: Brazil Comic Con (December 2017), Valentine’s Day cards (Feb 2018), Easter colouring book (April 2018), you name it.

On top of all that, there were ads everywhere in every important city that were featuring the movie in cinemas and boy, were they so enjoyable!

But, let's carry on with a couple print of ads

Valentine’s Day 2018

“Wait till you get a load of me” is the tagline — appropriate for Valentine’s, let’s say. I can see the connection. He had a bunch of “fan meetings” near Valentine’s day and the tagline is clearly connect to that as well (to reality) but in the Deadpool funny way.

A simple, effective, funny ad that is meant to raise curiosity and excitement.



And that is not all. He has one even better:



Not only the tagline but him wearing that black and pink backpack makes the ad stand out – he is meant to be the masculine replica of a sexy blond girl. But of course, with no boobs or sexy legs, he is being sexy in his own way: grabbing his a*s with one of the hands.

Easter Day 2018

“Happy Easter” tagline on the ad wants to be a sincere wish to all the fans — Deadpool is still showing off (look at his position in the poster), wanting its fans to see that he is celebrating with style.

Dead + poop emoji = L

In a world of digital and emoji’s that are taking away words, we can definitely relate to this ad

It resembles the main character’s personality: sarcasm, ironic, funny, sometimes disgusting (think about the scene in Deadpool 2 when he is showing us his baby a*s), but still lovable.

So, what does all the above tell us?


All of the above are only proof that whoever Deadpool movie’s marketing team is, they want the promo campaign to be as funny and as “in your face” as the character is. And that’s what makes this movie on top of other Marvel hero movies. Everything is connected and well linked to the main character.

People are coming to see the film because of the character — if you think about it, there is no particular action that attracts people or a very intriguing story we, fans, know of and those are the reasons we want to see the movie for. No.

We go in cinemas because of Deadpool, the character. And the ads are enforcing our curiosity and excitement showing him how he really is — either full of self esteem, funny, charismatic or childish. 

The ads do not show in his glory with the war happening behind him or him saving the day or fighting the villain, those themes are already overused and boring. They are doing it “Deadpool” style because, yes, that “style” really exists now!

Liked it?

There’s nothing that makes a creator more happy than to see the people who enjoy it, share it so others can enjoy it as well.

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