Breathtaking Turkey!

This article covers some of the most amazing places and landscapes from 2 main cities and 1 ancient area. In Turkey. Antalya, Konya and the old Cappadocia.  Images will speak for themselves.
Breathtaking Turkey!


This article covers some of the most amazing places and landscapes from 2 main cities in Turkey and 1 ancient area: Antalya, Konya and the old Cappadocia.  Images will speak for themselves.

We went to visit Turkey in October – November 2013. 4 years ago, yes. And it was the most breathtaking experience of them all, the most beautiful sights I have ever seen, the most dynamic exploration I have ever experienced, seeing some parts of the old Turkey (Cappadocia) and also the sea. Turkey has it all: the sea, the sights, the old and the new, the sun and the wind and if anyone moves a rock from the spot it’s sitting into, it’s going to disrupt the overall landscape and beauty of it. Every rock is sitting where it’s supposed to be.


Konya is the 7th most populated city in Turkey and history says that its name derives from the old name “Ikonion” (in Greek). The tomb of Rumi (Mevlana) sits in Konya city. If you want a very good quality carpet, Konya is the place to find one, but be careful, prices are high (thousands of euros).

Our journey in Turkey back in 2013 started with this city. Looking around the city you could see how conservative locals are (women wear kerchiefs), you could hear locals talking and talking in their language, very few of them knew English.

Must see in Konya

Worth seeing here is the Mevlana Monastery.

Must taste in Konya

Pomegranate juice. Freshly squeezed on the hills of Konya by countrymen (and women) in front of you and poured into a glass. Trust me, after this experience; you will want more pomegranate then orange or apple juice! And also Turkish tea (in Turkish cups!)



From Konya we continued our exploration by going towards Cappadocia, a historical and antique area in Turkey. In Turkish “Kappadokya”. Cappadocia is a historical region in Anatolia. It is very popular for tourists and the most popular experience tourists try is the “hot-air ballooning” which I hate to say we haven’t experienced when visiting Cappadocia. And I regret it. If you go there, do try it!

Cappadocia is the place where you look all around you and have no words left. Just like that. Nothing compares to the landscapes of Cappadocia, its rock sights, Goreme Park. It’s so easy to fall in love with it, love at first sight! It’s a different world, a different culture, beautifully different.

Must see in Cappadocia

Almost every landmark in Cappadocia belongs to UNESCO. “The father, mother and the child” landscape as some cultures call it or “Paşabaǧ”as Turkish people call is a must see. Image it’s a family of nature itself. These mushroom shaped rocks sit in Avanos-Goreme Road.

Goreme Park – don’t imagine it’s like any of the other Parks you’ve seen so far. It’s an open-air rock park with caves.

Must taste in Cappadocia

Turkish delight, you have to try – while climbing your way into Cappadocia you would see the Turkish locals selling and wanting to negotiate with you in order to buy a pack of colorful Turkish delight.


Antalya is sunny and friendly, the largest Turkish city on the Mediterranean coast. It’s Turkey’s biggest international sea resort with a record of 12.5 million tourists in 2014.

We did not explore Antalya as much as we wanted to. But I don’t regret it – it’s a good reason to go back! We only had almost 2 days to do so and one if it we spent at the sea, “tasting” the sun in November!

Must see in Antalya

We go to see Duden Waterfall: amazing, beautiful.


The waterfalls, formed by the recycle station water, are located 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) north-east of Antalya. They end where the waters of the Lower Düden Falls drop off a rocky cliff directly into the Mediterranean Sea.

And, of course, then they have the sea. You cannot miss the sea in Turkey’s biggest sea resort!

Must taste in Antalya

Köfte (Turkish meatballs on a stick) as well as their cold Mediterranean starts dressed with olive oil.




Turkey is a beautiful country, offering a lot more than we can image. From landmarks to food and especially history and culture! If you were to only be able to go in one place in Turkey and had to choose, I would strongly recommend Cappadocia. You can miss any other one, but not Cappadocia. There’s no other place like it in this world!

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