About Brunch Media

brunch.Media has all ingredients for you to find the latest news about music, movies, gaming, travel, fitness, events and useful information about digital, technology, advertising, design, project management.

In a world where all the above are one search or click away, what makes us different you might wonder? Fair to ask. brunch.Media is different through its well defined structure consisting in “brunch” and “media” but most importantly through the fact that all topics are bits and pieces of our lives: what we do at our jobs, what we love to do in our free time and what we want to share our opinion about. Feel free to have fun reading about it all!

How we do it?

Our recipe is: we start with raw topics base, add 2 table spoons of author’s opinion; season with some humor or sarcasm (it depends on the meat) and bake in the oven. Few minutes later, Brunch.Media is served!


The Pragmatic
The Hater
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