Sunny Malta

Sunny Malta

Deadpool – teasers and ads that make you cry

Deadpool – teasers and ads that make you cry

Sunny Malta Travel

Sunny Malta

We went to Malta on our (late) honeymoon! And had only two types of weather: hot and very hot. I know what you are thinking – I cannot complain.

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2018 FIFA World Cup ads Advertising

2018 FIFA World Cup ads

We are aware that a lot of BIG brands are paying BIG bucks to get a spot in front of the world watching FIFA World Cup this year. And stats from previous World Cup prove it: during FIFA World Cup 2014, 3.2 billion people tuned in for the competition, 1.013 billion watched the final.

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Stylish Stockholm Travel

Stylish Stockholm

How is Stockholm? My family and friends were asking as soon as I got back. Stockholm is truly the evidence that “simple is beautiful”. 

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Coke’s new flavours, because they Can! Advertising

Coke’s new flavours, because they Can!

Diet Coke (or Coca-cola light in some countries) was released in 1982 with a new formula than Coca-Cola. They recently released some new flavours around the world which make you wonder what’s the deal: Coca-Cola Peach Zero Sugar, Diet Coke Exotic Mango, Diet Coke Feisty Cherry, Coca-Cola Cherry Zero Sugar. The latter we were used to already.

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Project management – friendly tools Project Management

Project management – friendly tools

Even though every project manager works with a set of programmes (tools) which are accepted and offered by the company they work for, there are a couple of tools you can easily access online and which you should use to make your life easier and your project management more efficient and effective.

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Glorious Rome Travel

Glorious Rome

“Rome, a ruin!” many people might say. But Rome is such a beautiful “ruin”, a glorious one I dare to say!

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Black Panther Entertainment

Black Panther

You probably heard a lot of positive things about this movie. We went to the cinema, watched it and here are some of our thoughts. Mind the (small) spoilers!

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What’s wrong with you Apple music? Tech

What’s wrong with you Apple music?

I was using Apple Music almost every day in 2017 and was paying the monthly subscription. However since end of 2017 (since November) I noticed the app is very slow and just not worth using it anymore. Here is why.

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